Want to Join GlassFish Team?

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Do you like GlassFish? Want to join the team who created the software?

We are looking for a smart individual for GlassFish development (see roadmap). The job requires good communication and strong technical skills. This is a senior level position. The person would be involved with next-generation GlassFish cluster infrastructure and PaaS (Platform as a Service) design and development.

If you love opensource and cutting edge Java development, this might be the job for you. Here is the full job description (Job: IRC1431575). If this looks interesting, please feel free to send me your resume.

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New GlassFish Loadbalancer Configurator

January 24, 2010 Comments off

Clustering and loadbalancing (article, screencast) with GlassFish v2.x (download) is now even easier! Try the new configurator to install loadbalancer plugin. The configurator download comes with a 6 page User Guide documentation. Enjoy!

Here are the details:

The Loadbalancer plugin provides loadbalancing functionality to GlassFish. The plugin is installed and configured on a web server. It front ends stand alone or clustered GlassFish instances. It provides features like load-distribution, fail-over, and maintaining session stickiness with back-end servers. Additionally, it includes support for stickiness within server clusters, multiple-cluster support, cluster quiesce, application quiesce, and idempotent URLs.

Installing and configuring loadbalancer is done through cli and is a non trivial process. The Loadbalancer Configurator simplifies the task of installing, configuration of the Loadbalancer plugin on a web server. It has an easy to use graphical interface which accepts user inputs, installs and configures GlassFish loadbalancer plugin.


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GlassFish White Papers

February 10, 2009 Comments off

GlassFish adoption is going through the roof with over 14 million downloads since inception and most recent monthly downloads being over 700 thousands. If you are one of the millions of users who downloaded GlassFish and currently using it in a production environment, here are few white papers that you may find useful. Refer to this resources page for more white-papers and videos.

White Papers

  • Optimizing Sun GlassFish Enterpise Server Performance for Sun Open Network Systems

    Today’s Web 2.0 deployments depend on high-performance infrastructure to keep pace. The open source Sun GlassFish Portfolio provides the foundation for next-generation Web infrastructure. This white paper shows that by running these powerful applications on energy-efficient Sun servers with chip multithreading technology, and optimizing deployments with the Performance Advisor, companies can take advantage of outstanding price/performance and build high-performance Web infrastructure that costs less to run.

  • Application Scalability and Fault Tolerance with GlassFish Load Balancer

    A system with an effective load balancer can provide a higher degree of scalability and fault tolerance and can be maintained without interruption once the system becomes revenue-generating. This paper explains how the GlassFish load balancer provides these vital capabilities and enables application development across the enterprise.

  • Leveraging Identity with GlassFish and MySQL

    This paper describes what identity management is, how to install and configure Sun Identity Manager using GlassFish and MySQL, and compares the TCO for this solution to other vendors’ offerings. Customers may save above $2.5 million dollars over three years by using GlassFish and MySQL.

  • Learning GlassFish for Tomcat Users

    This paper demonstrates that the Web container capabilities provided by GlassFish offer superior extensibility, scalability, and usability compared to those of Tomcat—without sacrificing performance.

  • Build a High-Performance, Open Web Platform for Your Enterprise With Sun GlassFish Portfolio

    The Sun GlassFish Portfolio is a complete open Web application platform that provides businesses with innovations from leading open-source communities, packaged in a solution that offers flexible subscription-based pricing and enterprise-class support. It offers enterprises of all sizes the extreme scalability and reliability they need for mission-critical applications.

  • Carrier-Grade Converged Services with GlassFish

    In this whitepaper, learn how Sun’s GlassFish Communications Server allows for rapid development of converged communication services with client and server infrastructure that delivers easy orchestration and integration of multiple online services.

GlassFish Enterprise Manager

February 10, 2009 Comments off

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server is the most innovative and reliable application server platform for building and deploying next-generation applications and services. GlassFish Enterprise Server subscribers now has access to Enterprise Manager, which provides improved management and performance visibility features for production GlassFish deployments. It reduces the risk of production issues by enabling visibility into issues that can affect service availability or cause service degradation. IT Operations can address potential problems before they occur.

At a Glance

  • Performance Tuning – Configures GlassFish for best performance. Gain up to 300% performance improvement (on x86) in seconds!
  • Alerts – Proactively monitors key performance indicators that may impact performance, and sends notifications when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded.
  • JDBC Pool Management – Automatically tunes JDBC connection pool to minimize resource utilization while ensuring optimal performance.
  • Log File Management – Protect against log files consuming all available disk space.
  • SNMP Monitoring – Enables monitoring of GlassFish with existing SNMP-based enterprise management tools without external SNMP agent.
  • Performance Monitor – Enables customers to monitor performance during runtime and facilitates root-cause analysis when performance issues arise.


Performance Advisor
SNMP Monitoring
Performance Monitor

Discussion Forum

Interact with other Enterprise Manager users and get answers to simple questions quickly!

System Requirements

Enterprise Manager is supported on Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1. Refer to the System Requirements page and release notes ([1],[2],[3]) to learn more.


  • Enterprise Manager: Proactively Monitor & Tune Your IT Environment

    Looking for a way to cost-effectively acquire, manage, and maintain critical aspects of your Web platform? Learn how the Sun GlassFish server provides a foundation to develop and deploy Web and enterprise applications complete with centralized management and monitoring.


Enterprise Manager requires a GlassFish subscription. For entitlement information, please refer to the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to most common questions!


Browse Enterprise Manager official documentation.

Performance Monitor
SNMP Monitoring
Performance Advisor

Contact Sun

Have a question about Enterprise Manager? Want to evaluate Enterprise Manager? Contact Sun at glassfish@sun.com.

Top 10 GlassFish v3 Prelude Features

November 6, 2008 Comments off

GlassFish v3 Prelude is out (Release Note, Quick Start Guide, Video). This is very exciting! GFv3 is probably the most innovative application server available in the market place today. This comparison table provides context on what features are available in GFv2 and GFv3 Prelude.

Here are some of my favorite GFv3 Prelude features:

#10. New probe based monitoring framework (OnePager)

#09. Support for dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy (OnePager, Presentation)

#08. Save session on redeploy enabling edit/save/refresh (Presentation)

#07. Enterprise ready, scalable web tier (Docs )

  • Support for Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1, JSTL 1.1, JSF 1.2
  • Grizzly (Project), Comet (Presentation) and mod_jk support
  • Support for Tomcat-style valves (Blog)
  • Web application isolation and priority based request processing (Blog)
  • WebDav, PHP (Blogs [1], [2], [3]) support

#06. Preview of Java EE 6 (Presentation, Video) features such as EJB 3.1 (Presentation) and JSF 2.0 (Presentation)

#05. OEM ready / Extensible administration (OnePager, Presentation, Development Guide, Blog)

#04. Embeded API and distribution (OnePager, Presentation, Project)

#03. Support for RESTful Web Services – JAX-RS 1.0 / Jersey (Presentation, Developer Guide) and Metro 1.4 Web Services stack

#02. Product updates and add-ons through the industry-strength Update Center 2.0 (OnePagers, Presentation, Quick Start Guide) based on multi-OS Image Packaging System (IPS)

#01. Open, modular, extensible architecture based on OSGi (OnePager, Presentation, Introduction, Video)

Top 10 GlassFish v2 Monitoring Resources

August 10, 2008 Comments off

GlassFish v2 has a great monitoring capabilities. I read few nice blogs and articles on GFv2 monitoring after it was released. Here are top 10 GFv2 monitoring resources that I recommend reading…

10. Official Docs on Monitoring: Official documentation describing GFv2 monitoring statistics tree, how to enable/disable monitoring, how to view the stats and how to use JConsole.

9. Application Manager support for GlassFish: Blog on how to use Application Manager from AdventNet with GlassFish.

8. Hyperic Page for GlassFish: Glassfish monitoring plugin for Hyperic HQ.

7. Monitoring Blogs on Aquarium: Monitoring blogs @ The Aquarium.

6. Dynamic Load Balancing: Great article on how to use self management framework to monitor and dynamically load balance a cluster.

5. Monitoring and Managing Web Services: Comprehensive article on GFv2 web services monitoring and management capabilities.

4. VisualVM: Blog on how to use VisualVM with GlassFish.

3. Monitoring Connection Pools: Blog on how to use P6Spy to trace database operations.

2. Monitoring Overview of GFv2: Nice blog on GFv2 monitoring. A must read.

1. Call Flow: Observe time spent in various containers by your application using Call Flow. Great tech tip!

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GlassFish v2, the Fastest Application Server on the Planet

July 12, 2007 Comments off

Based on the recently published benchmark, GlassFish v2 now has the best (883.66 JOPS@Standard) SPEC jAppServer 2004 score on Sun Fire T2000. Read this blog for details. On the same comparable hardware, GlassFish v2 is #1! Here are the relevant SPEC jAppServer 2004 scores…

System Title JOPS Disclosures
IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1 with DB2 8.2 on Sun Fire T2000 using Solaris 10 616.22 Html Link
Oracle Application Server 10g Release – Java Edition on Sun Fire T2000 733.22 Html Link
BEA WebLogic Server 9.2 on Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000 801.70 Html Link
GlassFish v2 (Sun Java Application Server 9.1) on Sun Fire T2000 883.66 Html Link

Note: I did not see any submissions from JBoss. Refer to the official SPEC jAppServer2004 Results page for more details.

Disclaimers: SPEC and the benchmark name SPECjAppServer 2004 are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on http://www.spec.org as of 07/10/06. For the latest SPECjAppServer 2004 benchmark results, visit http://www.spec.org/.

Also, see this thread on TSS about this topic and the usage of JDK 6.

Here is Scot’s comment: If you want JDK6, you have to use glassfish. Henrik makes a good point that JDK 6 contributes to our performance (though probably not as much as he assumes). Which is yet another reason why Glassfish is the superior appserver: we’ve supported JDK 6 for more than 6 months. Weblogic doesn’t support it today, and as far as I’ve heard they have no plans on supporting it for months to come.
So it’s not apples-to-apples, but then again, neither is the marketplace.

I am glad to see that Java SE (JDK) team at Sun also worked on performance. Great!